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5th-Mar-2010 04:49 pm - Teme, don't be so quick to judge.
>_< Man, man man! I've been so dead! I didn't even lift a finger these past two days, I'm tired of being in pain and I'm tired of idiotic people telling me to get over myself!They can go shove it!But anyways, apparently I worried my mother because of my lack of socializing..um yeah I don't feel like yapping over the phone for hours so that I guess means I have problems.

I made a lil fan-mixxie! Yeah, you can probably guess what fandom it's for..

Those unforgettable memories stir up in my heart
like dead leaves stirred up in the wind, the memories flood me
however many times I come here..
I think of that person..

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Feelings change, like the shifting of winds.
Yet emotions remain, the same.
Never to yield to the caprices of time and space,
or to vanish like the blinking of the eyes.
It stays, in the heart, like a melody.

Lyrics & InfoCollapse )

I need more Sasuke POV songs. Any in mind?
1st-Mar-2010 12:45 pm - I detest Sakura. I hate this all!
 Chapter 484 of Naruto Shippuuden. 

Um...wtf? Okay first of all I thought Sasuke was crazy enough. Now he's like absolutely insane. He's a freak! And Sakura that dumb bitch is so retarded! She's in love with a big asshole schizophrenic psycho! And for what reason? HEH?!! Because of some lame-o crush she had on the dude when she was like five? (Which her reasons were beyond shallow: "Oh he's so smexy!"). And now she can't even stab him? STAB? not even kill because she wouldn't have succeeded anyways!(because she's dumb bitch). GAH! 

Sasuke is psycho. First of all: "I want to here them scream and moan!" DA FUCK IS DAT SHIT!?? >_< Kishimoto is screwing up Sasuke big time to make the suspense give everyone a fucking heart attack. I don't care that madara brain washed and manipulated him, and that he found out his clan was killed by an order from Danzo....THAT still shouldn't make him a fuckin schizo! Because first of all he wasn't alone like an emo he had friends! And then he tries to kill Karin and Sakura....WTF!??

Oh...and don't get me started on the whole Sakura-bitchness, she is SO...Wait let me qoute this girl from mangafox.com:

sakura is completly useless!! her exsistence is only to be madly in love with sasuke

I totally agree! She is bitch bimbo and she needs to die already. PLEASE KISHIMOTO KILL HER ASS! PLEASE!
I can't take her bimbo-ness any longer! It's driving me insane! >_< I WANT SASUKE PSYCHO TO STAB HER IN THE FACE!>>>>>>Okay I lost my mind a little bit...but DAMN SHE'S A BIMBO.

Okay and now....NARUTO FANGIRL TIME EXTREME! He's sage mode and ready to bust out some pain. I hope Sasuke sees how much love naruto has for his crazy ass! XD And theres not much to say about him except...WHY DID HE HAVE TO SAVE SAKURA!?? That bitch is always being saved by him,(or somebody else) and she never says a thankyou! Oh and Naruto-kun is a beast! XD
[naruto] pwns sasuke
25th-Jan-2010 09:45 pm - Good for you.
 Seemingly dead to many, I'm not. Anyways I wanted to let you all know that despite having some interesting things going on in my life...that still usually doesn't inspire me to "Blog". Yet I still find LJ amusing and exciting. But If I don't seem to update, it's probably because I really don't feel like it. 

2nd-Jan-2010 03:32 pm - New Years, and Paparazzi
I'm still in canada for some reason(I really want to leave.) I never want to come back unless we get our own fn hotel. No offense but staying in a house with little kids and no comfort is a bitch in high heels. XD Anyways the dinner/show/gala was amazing. Caroline(the singer&Mom's bff) Sang four original songs and four covers. These two songs went great with her voice. "Human Nature" by Micheal Jackson and "You belong to me" by Anita Baker. ^__^ The drummer was also amazing(his name was Mika.)

I'm very picky with food, but I actually tried everything they served us. Even CAVIAR!!! It had a weird texture but it tastes salty and good. There was also this really weird fruit..... XD anyways it was fun as hell. But the imense snow wasn't.

I want to leave! I want to leave! (I can't stand not being in my own room away from people!) I need solitude for a good week and a half. ^_~
31st-Dec-2009 12:18 am - Canada Update
I'm basically dead. It's so boring being in this house full of women. But tommorow is the show/gala so I'm pretty exited. <3

I'm wearing a black dress, it has silver glitteryness and my flats are silvery too...hee hee. I'll take pictures soon.
---Love you all.
13th-Dec-2009 01:39 pm - Read my poems.

All of them located there.
24th-Nov-2009 11:26 pm - They think he's a girl.
I think i died
23rd-Nov-2009 06:34 pm - Buenos Dias Phantasma de la Noche.~
Don't kill me if I'm all glum tomorrow, Just warning you...^_^ Oh my goodness, I've started to watch this new anime(new for me). It's called Heroic Age. It's beautiful and I love the main character and his supporting characters. I hate that all this bad stuff keeps happening to them but you'll just have to find out. If you want to watch at least the first ep to see if it fits your tastes; http://www.animetip.com/watch-anime/h/heroic-age

It's kinda sci-fiction, Just to let you know. ^_~

On another note, I'm feeling sad because I miss Lelouch (code geass character)

Don't laugh, he's insanely pretty.

HERE IS A SONG: "Under the milky way"- By SIA
13th-Nov-2009 04:49 pm - Sasuke and the sleeping sickness
Hello peoples. Well whether you care or not I've been sick. Ew. Yes sick, and the illness has made me tired and gloomy. It feels like a common cold, but i've never been run down by it so much. And not only has my music shuffle made me weepy but i've found a few songs that have become my muses.
*** "Waiting/Sleeping Sickness/The Girl/Confessions" All of these four songs belong to the lovely solo project of Dallas Green or the name of the project: City and Colour

Your seriously need to listen to his voice and the acoustic guitar.

Now moving on, those who don't know Sasuke(or those who skipped this part because they hate him...>_<) will have to put up with my rant. I for one loved him, then hated him, then kinda liked him.......THEN I loved him some more. Today it was like Sasuke overdose.
31st-Oct-2009 08:52 pm - Overflowing with melancholy
I wanted to give you all a song. A song a enjoy. A song who's voice is beautiful. And all you have to do is listen. I've been slightly healing up from a long time of trying to write and not being able to. Bandaging myself up I found this song that made me flow along with it. Give it a try.

Ushinawareta Nagame - LArc~en~Ciel
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